About Us

The 4:8 Fathers ministry was founded in 2011 by a group of concerned fathers in Birmingham, Alabama who wanted to have a lasting impact on their relationship with their daughters.  These men saw first hand how spiritual, emotional, and sexual impurity had affected not only their families but our society as a whole.  This group decided to have a purity ball where they and their daughters could make a commitment to God to stay pure in these areas of their lives.   The vision for this ball was a calling to Christian fathers and their daughters to live faithfully in their relationship with Christ by encouraging and promoting purity in heart, mind and behavior as a response to Christ’s love for us. 

The first Birmingham Purity Ball took place in February of 2012.  The following year the name was changed to the White Rose Ball as a reference for the white roses used during the ceremony.  Since 2012 hundreds of fathers and daughters have been challenged and encouraged through this special night.  Over the last four years we have developed purity events for other ministries and institutions.  It has been an honor to help other groups help enjoy the benefits of a unique, life impacting night. In 2016, the 4:8 Fathers started a group called the White Rose Sweethearts which is for young ladies who have attended the White Rose Ball.   This is just the beginning!  There are other activities and plans to come in the future as God continues to work through the ministry.  Below is a list of the activities currently sponsored by the 4:8 Fathers.

The White Rose Ball (Birmingham’s Purity Ball) is a night to cherish the promises of God. This is an event of the heart where fathers and daughters (generally 7th grade and up) have a night to celebrate their relationship together.  The fathers first sign a covenant to be pure in their thoughts, minds and actions and that they commit to help guide their daughters in their choices for purity.  The daughters in turn lay a white rose at the foot of a cross to symbolize their commitment as well.  The ball is a time to celebrate God’s love of his children and a father’s love for his daughter.  Because we treasure our daughters as regal princesses- for in Isaiah 43:4 God says of them “you are precious in my eyes, and honored and I love you”- we want to treat them as royalty on this special night.

The Lovelady Purity Night –This is truly a special night where women of the Lovelady Center are showered with the Love of God and in response make a commitment or recommitment to honor the Lord with purity of mind, soul, and spirit.  It is an incredible night of redemption and grace.  The 4:8 Fathers are honored to help the Lovelady Center put on this transformational night.

The White Rose Sweethearts  This group of special young ladies started as an innovative way to continue the dialogue on the commitments they made on the night of the White Rose Ball.   The Sweethearts are unique in the service they provide not only to others but to the members as well.  This guild provides an opportunity for these young women to learn, fellowship, mentor, minister, disciple and serve others in our community.